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MotM Experience

The Made of the Moon Experience is an integrated media space featuring custom technology using RGB LED glasses to synchronize brainwaves at the Theta / Alpha cusp and induce a closed eye VR experience generated within your own mind. The audience falls in and out of eyes closed to eyes open visuals immersed in 3D video custom software projection with surround sound improvisational music performance. Participants are invited to recline and focus their attention upwards. The entire media system is synchronized to create a unified sensory experience.

Made of the Moon

Made of the Moon

     LED Glasses
Our LED glasses incorporate the technique of brain wave entrainment used in mind machines. This technique involves optic stimulation at repetitive intervals. Research has shown that when the mind is presented with repetitive stimuli through the senses that brain waves will synchronize. Brain wave synchronization among a group of people creates a sense of unified consciousness, the many experiencing as one. These glasses take it a step further using full spectrum RGB LEDs that oscillate at musical tempo intervals monoscopically and stereoscopically. Participants may view the visuals through the glasses or close their eyes. With eyes open the visuals appear to come out of the screen while with eyes closed the stroboscopic stimulation at these rates creates a marvelous effect. Many people experience hallucinations of fractal and geometric form, while some can even be transported to full on dreamlike landscapes. This can truly create a psychedelic experience, minus the psychedelics. The videos on this site show what it looks like to look at, but they must been seen through to truly be seen.

    3D Surround Sound
We have all been in a room and heard music with speakers all around us, but that's not actually surround sound. That's the same stereo sound playing out of all the speakers. Our setup uses discrete separate audio channels. For the prepared content, all the music has been stemmed out and set to the same key and tempo, and any part of any song can be played with any instrument in any other song, and these stems are positioned in space. The instruments played improvisationally can come from any direction. The effect is that the music is coming from everywhere, that the listener is inside the music, rather than inside a space where there is music playing separate from them. When the sound moves around you and comes at you from different sides it heightens the sense of immersion. The phenomena of quadraphonic sound got some traction in the 60's for this very reason, but could not be marketed with stereo records and headphones. This is not an issue for us with digital audio and computers. We are surprised that musicians are not performing in surround as it really just sounds better. Being immersed is a superior way to hear music and it's why we've made it part of the Made of the Moon Experience.


The available commercial VJ software did not offer us the responsiveness, synchronization capabilities, or even fundamental way of mixing that we wanted. This meant that we needed to create new software from the ground up with unique effects, time controls, and blending options. Our content pulls from the representational world of nature, the abstract world of CGI graphics, and visionary artwork which in our software seems to be given motion although the artwork itself is still image. Here is a short screen capture

     Dimensions and Requirements

The Footprint is 15x15 feet and the ground should be level be it concrete, grass, or dirt . If outside we can power the setup with our generator, which is fairly quiet as generators go. We place the generator some 30-50 feet away or less if some occluding object like trees or a wall is available or if we have space for our trailer. If inside the ceiling would ideally be at least 9 feet tall, although a shorter ceiling is possible to work with.


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